Hello! My name is Divine.

I’m an online freelancer, a horror movie nerd, an amateur traveler, a foodie, music junkie and as you can see from the photo, a goofball. 😀

This website is a journal about my little adventures.

I live in Tacloban, Philippines. I like hanging out at the beach, going out with friends and reading horror stories on the internet before I sleep.

A little info about my professional life:

I used to work for a US bank based in Cebu. After four years in the contact center industry, I went back home to Tacloban City and started doing online freelancing. I first landed a gig doing VA work for a start-up company in San Francisco and then for a Dubai-based yoga instructor. I also used to tutor English. Right now, I do web research work and article writing and I’m learning to do SEO and web design so I can offer more services in the future. If you would like to work with me, please fill out a form on the Contact page. Have a great day! :)